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Richardson Farms will have turkeys all year long!!

ResizedImage_1420144840264 Young turkeys in a field of winter oats.


Order Form working AGAIN!!!!

Our online Order Form is working again!!!!!   YEA!!!

Please give it a try and let us know what you think!

Sincerely, Richardson Farms

Amazing Richardson Farms Meats – On your table

We always love to hear how you are using our products, and what the finished product looks like on your table.

So, we would like to highlight some of your creations!

Richardson Farms Pork Chops, roasted with apples and sage,

served on Tecolote spinach in an apple-ginger

 Non-GMO feed!

Richardson Farms is using only non-GMO feed for their animals as a supplement to their natural foraging.

What is GMO?  It is a Genetically Modified Organism.  It could be a grain product, an animal, etc.
We try to use all natural ingredients and farming practices.

Thanks, Richardson Farms



Richardson Farms is now attending a new Farmer’s Market

Georgetown at Wolf Ranch

(Saturdays from 9am – 1pm)

Stop by, say Hi and grab your favorite products at our newest market.

Don’t forget to use our online Order Form to get your favorite cuts!

Thanks, Richardson Farms


NEW ITEM!!!!!IMG_259966533998293

Have you ever wanted to make that perfect soup, but didn’t have a good chicken stock.

Well, its here now!

Richardson Farms is now offering CHICKEN STOCK!

Already prepared and ready to use….only $10/quart!

Try it now before supplies run out!

Stop by any of our Farmer’s Market booths to pick up some today!

You can also use our online Order Form!

Thanks, Richardson Farms


Richardson Farms is at your local Farmer’s Markets!

You can always find us at one of the following Farmers Markets:

Wednesdays: Austin Farmer’s Market – Triangle (3 – 7pm)

Saturdays: SFC’s Farmers Market at Sunset Valley AND Downtown (9am – 1pm),

 Barton Creek Farmer’s Market (9am – 1pm), Waco Farmer’s Market, Waco TX (9am – 1pm), and Wolf Ranch in Georgetown (9am – 1pm)

Sundays: Lone Star Farmers Market (10 am – 2 pm, Bee Cave, TX)



“Natural – Raw Dog Food”

 Richardson Farms is making “Natural – Raw Dog Food”.

 All natural ingredients made from products either grown/raised on our farm, or purchased from other local farmers/market vendors.

 Stop by any of our Farmer’s Market Booths to inquire about pricing and availability.

 Your dogs will just love this food!   Only $4.75 / lb!

 Recycle your used Egg Cartons!!!

 Do you have a stack of old/used (12 count) egg cartons?


 We always need egg cartons and would greatly appreciate you dropping them off at any of the Farmer’s Markets we attend!

 Thank you for recycling!

 Richardson Farms Meat’s at Several Austin Area Restaurants

If you are interested in trying some of our products, we highly suggest you visit one of these restaurants and sample some of their amazing creations!