Farm Info

The Richardson family has been involved in farming for several generations.  We are conservation minded in our farming efforts (see “Conservation Tillage”) and care deeply about the health and well-being of our animals.  All of our livestock are in large open areas/pastures and are free to interact with each other.






Our windmill is fully-functional.  It was hand-dug over 50 year ago and still works.  We use the wind to pump natural, good quality, potable water into large, above-ground storage tanks.  The water is then pumped in underground pipes to the fields providing excellent natural water for the pigs, cattle, and chickens.








We grind our own pig feed from grain raised on the farm.  The corn is raised using the conservation tillage techniques (see the above link).






Still used on the farm is an old grain drill.  This grain drill was Jim’s grandfathers that he farmed with many many years ago.  It is called a Vanburen grain drill.  This shows how many generations have been in farming and used this machine to raise grain.  May look old, but works as good as a new one.  It even has handwriting from Jim’s grandfather under the lids to indicate what settings to put the drill in for certain crops.  There have now been 4 generations that have used this grain drill.