Pastured Poultry

Richardson Farms prides itself in producing PASTURED poultry (broiler chickens, eggs, and turkeys)!!!

 All of our chickens are “Pastured”, meaning, they are out on the grass/fields and are able to scratch the earth and eat as many bugs and/or grass that they can find!

NO hormones or Antibiotics are given to our poultry!

Pastured chickens (both broilers and layers) provides a much more superior flavor than mass-produced chickens (see graphic below regarding egg quality)!


 Here are a few pictures of some of our laying hens.  This flock of has approximately 300 Production Reds and Barred Rock laying hens.


 This “Egg Mobile” (middle and right pictures) is a mobile egg laying coop!

 It houses plenty of nesting boxes for the layers and is moved to a new area every week or so to allow the layers fresh grass to eat and scratch in and more bugs to devour!

EGGS, EGGS, and more EGGS!!!

 Here is a small load of Richardson Farms eggs!


Collected_Eggs_01(Logan 2009)

(Logan 2018)


  Ever wonder what the difference between Pastured Eggs and Factory Eggs are?

 Read over the following graphic for some amazing information!



 Here are a few pictures of our broiler chickens.

When they first arrive at Richardson Farms they are kept in our “brooder room” until they are old enough to be moved out to pasture!


 These “Chicken Tractors” are a new design developed in 2009 by Lance Clark.

 Each mobile “tractor” contains ~80-90 broiler chickens and they are moved each day to fresh grass!

 By moving them daily it: 1) provides fresh grass and bugs for the chickens to eat,

 and 2) helps spread out the chicken litter to naturally fertilize our pastures!

 You can’t beat chicken litter as a natural fertilizer!!

 Nothing is more important to Richardson Farms than happy and healthy animals!!