Our Family

kay_&_jim2Jim and Kay Richardson are the owners of Richardson Farms.  Jim is a Retired Veterinarian, Board Certified in Canine/Feline Medicine. Farming has been part of Jim’s life from early childhood. Jim spent many hours as a child farming with his grandfather near Gainesville, Texas.  This experience as a child has provided Jim with a passion for farming and his love of animals. He has a unique prospective concerning animal care and welfare gained through 35+ years of veterinary practice. He has continued to farm and have bountiful gardens throughout his professional working years. His dream has always been to share his love of farming with others. Kay worked as Registered Nurse for 40 yrs and is now retired. She keeps the farm run smoothly by coordinating the constant phone calls/orders, emails, accounting, ordering, etc. They have three children: Mike, Kari, and Lance (see below).


Son Mike worked as a fireman/paramedic in the Bryan/College Station area for about 10 years.  He has been back to the farm off and on over the years and has helped out with many tasks along the way (planting and harvesting crops, milking the cows, etc.).  He was an integral part in getting the Dairy up and running, performing the Low-Temp Pasteurization process, etc.  He is current on a new endeavor in Central Texas.

(Brian, Lindsey, Andrew, Lauren, and Kari)

Daughter Kari, and her husband Brian Bersano live in Chandler, TX.  They have three children; Lauren, Andrew and Lindsey.  Brian is a Regional Manager for Aerocare in the East Texas area.  Kari keeps up her RN license, however her main job is housewife and CEO of the family!  They’ve helped out on the farm with rebuilding an old farm house, planted acorns, helped build a chicken coop, among many other things.  When the kids were younger, they had made it a yearly ritual to spend one week, each by themselves, with us on the farm helping with collecting eggs, feeding turkeys and chickens and caring for our pigs.  Now as they are older, their visits include helping to drive farm equipment and helping out in the kitchen.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 48396-1024x768.jpeg(Gabriel, Lance, Cheryl, and Logan)

Son Lance Clark, his wife Cheryl, and two sons Logan and Gabriel live in Austin, TX.  Lance, a Pathologists’ Assistant is working for a private pathology company in Austin.  Cheryl keeps busy as a Biologist working remotely for Texas Tech University, in addition to taking care of their boys, going to soccer practices/games, exposing the boys to nature/bugs/wildlife, and running the house!  They visit the farm frequently and often help out with various projects around the farm.  They love to explore the entire farm, often finding all kinds of interesting bugs and animals.