Our new “Raw Milk Dairy” is now open.

Jim Richardson and Bob Fellers (cousins)

Raw Milk refers to unprocessed, untreated milk straight from the cow. The milk you buy from the local supermarket is a different substance altogether. It has been pasteurized, ultra-pasteurized, or homogenized. This liquid is not really milk. It is a chemically altered substance, heated to remove pathogens and bacteria and to prolong its shelf life. The resultant low-enzyme activity makes it difficult to digest, and the naturally occurring beneficial bacteria have been destroyed. The altered fat content renders the vitamins and minerals difficult to absorb.

Some studies show raw milk actually help protect against allergic reactions and boosts the immune system. It is an incredibly complex whole food, complete with digestive enzymes and its own anti-viral, antibacterial, and anti-parasitic mechanisms conveniently built into a neat package. It is full of both fat and water-soluble vitamins, a wide range of minerals and trace elements, all eight essential amino acids, more than 60 enzymes, and CLA (an omega-6 fatty acid). Raw milk is a delicious medicine!

Raw milk from healthy, pasture-raised cows is in a league of its own. These cows are happy, fed on their natural diet of grass and other cow-friendly foods. They enjoy access to sunshine and pasture grazing…not confined to inhumane conditions far from their natural environment and subject to enormous stresses. Our cows are never given any shots of BGH (bovine growth hormone) or antibiotics.

We have a very unique “farm store” as part of our new dairy barn. It is equipped with a refrigerated room to store the bottled milk, cream, and eggs. In this store, we also have a selection of our famous pasture-raised meat products (beef, pork, chicken, sausages, and grains).

In addition to the Raw Milk, we also have “low-temp pasteurized” milk as well. By low-temp pasteurizing some of our milk…..this enable us to take the milk off of the farm to sell at Farmer’s Markets.

This milk (low-temp pasteurized) is available at any of the Farmer’s Markets we attend.

Our milk is NOW available for SALE!!

Raw Milk is $10.00 / gallon.

Low-Temp. Pasteurized is $12.00 / gallon.

Farm Store Hours
Monday – Friday

Or, fill out the online Order Form to order some of our Low-Temp Pasteurized milk.

Buying Groups are Encouraged!!!
(Bring a large cooler with you to our farm and buy raw milk for your friends, family, and neighbors.)

Please call in advance to arrange for your pick up.

Bob: 972-743-2215
Jim: 512-635-3691

This is an exciting time for Richardson Farms! Thank you all for your support! See you at the Market!

Richardson Farms

Some pictures from our Dairy Farm Store.

Stop by and check it out sometime!  Grab some milk, cream, eggs, and meat.

Just please call before you come!

Thanks, Richardson Farms


Say Cheese!!!!


Our dairy cows eating our alfalfa.  


Attention Milk Lovers!

Richardson Farms amazing milk comes from cows who only eat non-GMO feed and forage!  In addition, all of our cows have been tested to have A2/A2 Genetics!

A2/A2 genetics means that these cows only produce the A2 beta casein protein.  Which has been shown to be easier to digest than the A1 milk (which is predominantly produced by cows in the US).

A2 is the milk protein that cows naturally produced before becoming domesticated (a long time ago)!  All human milk is A2!

Several years ago, we read the book “Devil in the Milk” (by Keith Woodford), which discusses the fact that there are two types of cows (A1 and A2).

The genetics of cows (also humans, sheep, etc) determine what kinds of proteins are produced in their milk.  Humans, sheep, etc all produce milk with the A2 protein.  Cows have lost that protein due to a genetic mutation thousands of years ago.  Many people who have “digestive issues” after drinking regular milk (A1), often don’t have problems when drinking milk from A2 cows!

We are proud to announce that all of our milk, and milk products, come from A2/A2 cows!

So…..come and grab a bottle of our milk and see for yourself how wonderful it is!

Richardson Farms